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“Self growth is tender; it’s holy ground.  There’s no greater investment”

Steven Covey

In the area of navigating grief, I present a unique approach for those who find themselves at a crossroads of uncertainty about moving forward.

For some, readiness to embark on this journey is immediate; for others, it seems unattainable, at least for now. Yet, when the time comes to step forward, this space awaits you. Moving ahead doesn't require leaving the past behind; it's about choosing a life where joy comes together with memories, pain, changing circumstances, and living life within a new and unfamiliar landscape. This joy can also contain the enduring presence of those departed. 

While the past is immutable, the future is our canvas and can be colourful. Some of us let time ‘go by,' only to find little change. Others resist decisions, deferring readiness for a distant future. Stuck in the motions, we grapple with the idea that perhaps this is the new normal.

Have you received praise for your strength, only to feel its absence? Have you been advised to 'stay busy' to avoid overwhelming emotions? This coaching is for those seeking to create their own rules, explore uncharted territories of life after loss, and rewrite their script.

In the reflective space of grief and growth coaching, I guide those who resonate with the struggle of 'getting through' each day, where life feels neither here nor there. This is a space where conversations about change, loss and death are approached with unwavering confidence, acknowledging all emotions—overwhelming, unsettling, or otherwise.

This safe space leans on the understanding that moving forward need not entail leaving the past behind. In navigating the intricate landscape of thoughts and feelings, we uncover that life after loss can rise beyond mere survival. It is an exploration of possibilities, an invitation to dare and imagine what else life might hold beyond the shadows of grief.

This is a place where the complexities of emotions find expression, where the beauty of memories converges with the unwritten notes of the future. In this conversation, we look at the potential for a life that surpasses the limits of 'getting through,' embracing the richness that lies beyond the shadow of loss.

“Mary’s questions have been most curious, giving me space to be who I am without shame or fear of not being taken seriously.

As a coach, Mary has a solid structure on how to guide her client while navigating through her skills in a way that give her flexibilty and the ability to tailor her sessions around her client’s agenda.”

Alkistis Stogianni

“Mary’s empathetic and insightful approach created a safe space for me to explore my thoughts and feelings, enabling me to gain valuable insights into myself and my life.

Mary has a remarkable ability to ask the right questions and guide me towards finding my own answers. This has not only improved my decision-making but also boosted my confidence.

I can confidently say that this coaching journey has been a game-changer for me “
Irina Gorelik

“The most important opinion a person will ever hold is the one that they hold about themselves”

Anthony Robbins

My Coaching

For Growth and Grief Coaching, I offer 12 weekly sessions of bespoke coaching

The first session is 90min when we will:

- Explore your story and what is most important to you at the moment.
- Identify the most challenging areas right now and look at what is working well for you.
- Put together a bespoke well-being plan to support you through the next season of growth.

This is followed by 11 weekly 60-minute coaching sessions, supporting you through the subsequent stages of the process. My program ‘Growth and Grief’ offers a whole person well-being review within it and will provide you with supportive exercises and tools to use for your specific situation.

What next?

Each individual’s story and circumstances differ, so I shape my coaching around my client’s needs.

I offer:

- Zoom sessions around the world.

- Telephone sessions across the world. 

- Face to face meetings in South Cornwall, UK.

- Woodland or coastal walk and talk sessions in South Cornwall, UK.

contact ME

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