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Mary Talbot Grief and Growth Coaching - Cornwall

Welcome to Mary Talbot Coaching, a dedicated space for guiding people through the delicate journey of growth amidst the challenges of living with grief. 

In this compassionate coaching, I will support you in finding purpose after the loss of someone or something very important to you.  There is nothing too big or too small.

  • When I write and speak of death, I do not write lightly. I write knowingly, somewhat. 

  • When I write of loss, I write with understanding, to an extent.

  • When I write about losing something or someone, I write about having experienced changes that I did not want to have to go through.

None of this qualifies me to understand or know exactly what you are going through.  What it does is bring me closer to an appreciation of how strong our feelings can be; how tightly fear can grip us; and how darkly the unknown can wrap itself around us.

For some, there will be resonance with this.
This is a space to find the momentum to move forward.  

Some feel ready to move forward now, while for others, this is not possible.   Yet.   When you are ready to move forward, this might be a place for you.   

Moving forward does not have to mean leaving behind. 
Moving forward can be choosing that life can be better again.  With the person; with the loss, with the pain.    We do not have to exchange one life for the other.

While we cannot change the past, we can have a say about our future.     

Some of us allow ‘time to go by’, as we are advised to do, but then, as time goes on, we don’t feel very different – what did time do?  

For some, we resist making decisions ‘for a year’ because that is what is talked about – what happens at the end of the year?  Are we suddenly ‘ready’?

Some of us find ourselves stuck in a place where we are getting through each day, going through the motions of life, encouraged by our supportive friends and family – being told we are so strong, so brave, doing ‘so well’.   However, deep down, we don’t feel that way.   We feel stuck.   Wanting more, but feeling a little guilty about that; wondering if we’re doing something wrong (we’re not!) but just aware that something is not working.    We conclude that maybe this is normal and that life will always be like this, without that person in our lives in the same way as before.   

This is the space to explore that idea.

The space to look at your possibilities, take out your curiosity, and dare to ask what else there might be in life….

I talk about death with confidence.   There is nothing that cannot be discussed here.  There is no emotion too big, too scary, too unusual to be allowed.  There is also no feeling too small, too insignificant, or too light to be important enough to discuss. 

This is where we are very good at feelings.  All sorts of feelings, all the time. Feelings that sit alongside each other, that lurk just below the surface, as if to catch us out; feelings that pop up when we least expect them and threaten to overwhelm us and spoil the moment; feelings that conflict with each other and which then make us feel very confused…

This is where we learn to manage the feelings that leave us stuck in that ‘getting through’ stage – where life is neither one thing nor the other, and where we imagine we will stay for the rest of our lives, in the shadow of death, of loss.   

This is where we discover that actually, there can be so much more.

“Mary is a breath of fresh air! Mary’s style of coaching has provided me with something unique. Mary has been instrumental in transforming my self-confidence and self-awareness. Throughout our sessions, she has skillfully guided me to explore and understand my identity, encouraging me to push boundaries and test my limits. Her unwavering support has led me to challenge myself to successfully achieve ambitious goals and exceed my own expectations.

When I’m speaking I feel Mary is really listening to me and she consistently goes above and beyond, demonstrating a genuine commitment to helping me achieve my aspirations. Her dedication and guidance have been invaluable on this journey of personal and professional growth, and I am grateful for the positive impact she has had on my life. I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to Mary for coaching again, and I wholeheartedly recommend her; anyone fortunate enough to have her support is truly lucky. I wish her every success!”

James Bryant, The Mindful Gent

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